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Let's be real for a minute. Weddings are often a production. Whether you've been plagued by the anxiety surrounding the expenses of a wedding, the need to succumb to every desire of those around you or you simply want to unify your love, just the two of you.


I hear you.

I specialize in intimate elopements that capture your love in its purest form. None of the fluff. No superficial, forced, traditional, mainstream ideas of tying the knot.


Envision this... you just said I do overlooking your spot in the Rocky Mountains at sunset, you and your friends are wrapped around a bonfire. Retelling old stories, sipping your favorite drinks, and celebrating the love you two share. The journey that got you here. These are the moments that will live on forever. 

Dream on. Customize your elopement to be yours. 

Average Investment:

 $2000 +


Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that deserves to be relived over and over. In the midst of the excitement, nerves, and joy of your day, it's very easy to overlook or forget the details of it all!

That's why I'm here.

I categorize myself as a documentary-style photographer. I will, of course, capture the first kiss, your dances, and all of the traditions you include. However, I'll also capture the intimate, unseen moments. Your grandpa tearing up during your ceremony, your one nephew that can't keep his hands out of the dessert bar, + overall capture the true emotion and feel of your day.

I am there to capture it all. The weird, quirky, tender, beautiful moments that deserve to live on forever. These are your memories and I will return them fully.

Average Investment:


In Utah: $3000-4500

Out of State: $4000-$6500